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Environmentally sustainable cleaning, surface
preparation and transport cooling solutions.

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Foodservice Plant Increases Productivity by 80% with Dry Ice


In a highly regulated industry, foodservice facilities must utilize a cleaning process that adheres to strict guidelines.

The General Mills Foodservice Plant in Chanhassen, Minnesota is a [...]

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Refrigerator producer cuts costs and scrap with dry ice blasting

The refrigerator and freezer manufacturing process demands that products are 100% free of dirt and debris.

As the global leader in home and professional use appliances, Electrolux Group is all too [...]

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Dry ice blasting prepares surface of historical landmark for repainting

With its dome nearly 800 feet above sea level, the Split Rock Lighthouse is constantly whipped by heavy winds and rain.

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Removing Asphalt Buildup with Dry Ice Blasting

An Ontario construction company specializing in highway asphalt paving chooses dry ice blasting over manual methods to quickly and efficiently clean transport vehicles.

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What is the best way to clean a rubber mold?

Vernay needed a rubber mold cleaning solution that would enable them to clean in place and reduce their overall downtime.

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Can you clean a jet engine with dry ice?

How do you clean a jet engine?

Gas turbine engines are used to power aircraft, watercraft and power generators.

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Dry ice blasting cleans casting molds and core boxes more effectively


The Progress Casting Group was looking for a more effective cleaning method for their low pressure casting molds.

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Dry ice blasting removes surface corrosion and failed coating

Corrosion is a major problem on offshore oil platforms.

On an oil platform in the North Sea, the fabric maintenance team - who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the platform - was [...]

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Dry ice blasting improves weld line productivity

Welding is a dirty process.

On automated weld lines, slag, spatter, resin, smoke, oil and dampering adhesive build up on surrounding production equipment.

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Dry ice blasting removes pitted corrosion for a more effective weld

The Little Creek Amphibious Base was having trouble removing pitted corrosion from the aluminum hulls of hovercrafts.

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