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CO2 Recovery for Dry Ice Production Systems: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Cold Jet on Jul 26, 2023 11:07:00 AM

Cold Jet® is excited to answer questions surrounding the RE-CO2 Recovery Systems for dry ice manufacturers. Below are 10 frequently asked questions about our RE-CO2 Recovery Systems. Our RE-CO2 systems are easy to operate, easy to integrate into your existing dry ice production operation, easy to maintain, and can be integrated with nearly any dry ice pelletizer brand on the market. These systems require minimal maintenance while providing you optimal yield of your liquid CO2 supply.

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Dry Ice Production

Dry Ice Production On A Budget

Posted by Cold Jet on Apr 4, 2023 11:02:27 AM

Cold Jet®, with the acquisition of Triventek, has added a new line of low-volume dry ice pelletizers. The Cold Jet PE Seriesoffers dry ice production capacities ranging from 50-80 kg/h (110-176 lbs/h), in contrast to their large-volume pelletizer line with capacities ranging from 120-750 kg/h (265-1,653lbs/h). These are the most efficient low-volume pelletizers on the market capable of producing the highest quality dry ice.

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Dry Ice Production

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning - A Chemical & Water Free Cleaning Solution

Posted by Cold Jet on Nov 7, 2022 1:06:53 PM

Food processing facilities must meet strict health and safety standards when keeping processing and packaging equipment clean. In order to keep equipment free and clear of bacteria and contaminants, many processors rely on manual cleaning processes that employ rags, water, chemicals and a lot of downtime for disassembly, drying, and reassembly.

Cold Jet dry ice blast cleaning eliminates the need for the above materials. Instead, dry ice blast cleaning utilizes recycled CO2 in its solid form to clean and disinfect soiled equipment and reduce microbial counts. Dry ice blast cleaning also reduces your carbon footprint by removing the need for chemicals that need proper disposal, fresh water, and other supplies that become landfill waste!

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