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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning - A Chemical & Water Free Cleaning Solution

Posted by Cold Jet on Nov 7, 2022 1:06:53 PM

Food processing facilities must meet strict health and safety standards when keeping processing and packaging equipment clean. In order to keep equipment free and clear of bacteria and contaminants, many processors rely on manual cleaning processes that employ rags, water, chemicals and a lot of downtime for disassembly, drying, and reassembly.

Cold Jet dry ice blast cleaning eliminates the need for the above materials. Instead, dry ice blast cleaning utilizes recycled CO2 in its solid form to clean and disinfect soiled equipment and reduce microbial counts. Dry ice blast cleaning also reduces your carbon footprint by removing the need for chemicals that need proper disposal, fresh water, and other supplies that become landfill waste!

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Dry ice is recognized and approved by the USDA, FDA, and EPA as safe for use around food. 


How does dry ice blast cleaning work?


Science. We’ve spent thousands of hours – honestly, probably over tens-of-thousands – perfecting our technology. The unique properties of dry ice offer a water-free, chemical-free clean that significantly reduces downtime and eliminates repetitive motion and rework. This allows processors to clean equipment while still assembled, offering less equipment downtime and more production throughput.


kinetic energy


Impact of pellets creates a kinetic energy effect. The soft dry ice is accelerated by compressed air through specially designed nozzles at supersonic speeds.


thermodynamic shock


Cold temperature of dry ice pellets creates a thermal effect. The temperature of dry ice (-109F/-78.5C) causes the contaminant to embrittle. This helps break the bond between the substrate and the contaminant.


co2 explosion


Expansion of the dry ice pellets. Dry ice pellets sublimate upon impact, volumetrically expanding in size by 800%, removing the contaminant.





Sublimation – because dry ice is non-abrasive and turns to gas, you are left only with a clean surface that extends the asset life.




What application is dry ice blast cleaning good for?


Everything! No, seriously. Dry ice blast cleaning is an effective cleaning method for nearly every machine and process within a food processing facility. Here are a few applications and machines that dry ice blast cleaning has been a proven cleaning solution for in the food processing industry:



  • Seasoning & powder removal
  • Calcium buildup removal
  • Stubborn, baked on food-based oils, grease, and fats
  • Food buildup in equipment
  • Grease & mechanical oil buildup
  • Removal of cardboard dust
  • Hot melt glue removal
  • Amino acid removal
  • And many more…


Machines & Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Packaging lines
  • Ishida weighers
  • Mixers and blenders
  • Palletizers
  • Case stackers
  • Shrink wrapping machines
  • Labelers & hot melt glue pots
  • Drive chains, gear boxes, conveyor belts, equipment frames
  • Electrical panels
  • And many more…


Who is using dry ice blast cleaning?


Everyone! Okay…maybe not everyone, but many industry leaders in food & beverage processing rely on Cold Jet dry ice blasters to maintain and pass regulatory sanitation standards. Dry ice blast cleaning is also environmentally sustainable and offers food processors a solution that reduces their carbon footprint!


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