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The Aero2 Advantage: Efficiency

Posted by The Cold Jet Team on Jul 20, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Cold Jet’s dry ice blasting machines have always done more with less.

They achieve a higher quality clean more quickly, while using less air and less dry iceThe advanced air flow system within Aero2 Series machines provides the highest efficiency of any dry ice blaster available. 

The streamlined “straight through” air system maximizes the efficiency of the incoming air supply by eliminating angles within the airflow path that cause flow restrictions. Also, our high-efficiency flow initiation regulator not only helps to eliminate pressure loss within the system, but requires the least amount of air supply to initiate than any other dry ice blasting machine.

This improved efficiency allows the Aero2 Series to provide the maximum productivity possible off of any given air supply.

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