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Historic town hall restored with dry ice blasting

Posted by The Cold Jet Team on Oct 14, 2019 11:00:00 AM


Cold Bull Enterprises is a company that provides a wide range of innovative and flexible cleaning options for its customers. These solutions are tailored to the needs of its customers, ranging from forms of industrial cleaning, building and graffiti cleaning to car cleaning.

Due to the high number of different cleaning tasks and the materials to be cleaned, it is necessary to work with a flexible cleaning system that can be adapted to various cleaning projects. The system should also be transportable since the cleaning is usually carried out at different locations.

Further requirements are:

  • Remove contaminants without being abrasive

  • Easy to use for employees

  • Ability to quickly clean online, with little to no disassembly

  • Non-abrasive with no risk of surface damage 

Cold Bull found the perfect solution in dry ice blasting

Cold Bull has been using dry ice blasting machines since the company’s inception.

Dry ice blasting systems use non-abrasive media in the form of recycled CO2 pellets that will not damage surfaces or equipment. The combination of dry ice cleaning’s kinetic energy and thermal effect break the connection between the dirt and surface, lifting away contaminants. Unlike blasting with other media, dry ice cleaning does not leave any secondary waste, because the dry ice particles sublimate upon impact – converting from solid to gas. Dry ice cleaning is safe and non-toxic, does not create downstream contamination and reduces or eliminates employee exposure to dangerous chemical cleaning agents.

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“At the foundation of the company, we informed ourselves about various cleaning options,” said Frank Fuchs, founder and CEO of COLD BULL. “An employee of a company selling steam jet devices made us aware of Cold Jet as the market leader in dry ice cleaning. Through the internet and especially the available video sequences on Cold Jet’s Vimeo page, we were able to get a first impression of Cold Jet cleaning equipment. These videos immediately convinced us.”


Cleaning the Grötzingen town hall

Cold Bull was tasked with safely cleaning the historic facade of the town hall of Grötzingen in Karlsruhe, Germany. The architect on the restoration project knew of dry ice cleaning equipment and suggested that dry ice be used for this project.  He proposed that five cleaning companies test their cleaning methods.

Four companies were unsuccessful in trying to clean a test area with high-pressure cleaners.  Cold Bull, using dry ice blasting, was the only company that achieved the desired result and was awarded the project.

In this test case, it was important to ensure that the original appearance was restored without damaging the wood and the carvings contained therein. The city of Karlsruhe was so convinced of the cleaning result that they started to train their own employees on the handling of the dry ice blasting machines.

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Cold Bull experiences results with dry ice blasting

The quality of the outcome with dry ice blasting speaks for itself. The cleaning systems offer a superior result, which meets all requirements for Cold Bull and their customers. No matter which surface needs to be cleaned, ranging from small delicate surfaces to large industrial surfaces, the desired cleaning result can be achieved. Cold Jet’s well-designed nozzles play a major role, especially the MERN-nozzles, which features the ability to control aggression.

“We are more flexible and faster using the Cold Jet cleaning equipment in all cleaning applications.  This results in an even higher cleaning performance and the results are very satisfying for our customers,” said Fuchs. “Cold Jet also offers excellent customer service, therefore we can guarantee a continuous work process.”

Cold Jet also scores points for the financial aspect.

“The efficiency of the devices means that the costs are paid back faster than with comparable competing products,” said Fuchs.

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