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Four Financing Options for Dry Ice Blasting Equipment: Making Your Investment Affordable

Posted by Rachael Barnes on Jul 19, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Dry ice blasting has gained popularity as a highly efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solution across industries. Cold Jet, a leading provider of dry ice blasting equipment, offers state-of-the-art solutions that have transformed the cleaning process for industrial companies. However, investing in such advanced equipment requires a sizable financial commitment for businesses. To make this investment more accessible, we provide a range of financing options that cater to different needs and budgets. This allows organizations to experience the benefits of dry ice blasting without breaking the bank.

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  1. Outright Purchase: Flexibility and Convenience

For businesses with available funds or established credit, purchasing equipment outright is a straightforward option. Cold Jet accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, pay in advanced checks/wire transfers, and approved credit terms. This option provides flexibility and convenience since businesses can choose the payment method that best suits their financial situation. Purchasing outright offers immediate ownership of the equipment, enabling businesses to benefit from long-term cost savings and the freedom to use the equipment as needed without any leasing or financing constraints.


  1. Try Before You Buy: PEP Trial Rental with Equity Rollover Option

We understand that investing in new equipment requires careful consideration. To help businesses make an informed decision, Cold Jet offers the Performance Evaluation Program, which provides an opportunity to experience the power of dry ice blasting without committing to a full purchase upfront. During the trial period, businesses can evaluate the equipment's performance and its suitability for their specific cleaning applications. If they decide to proceed with the purchase, they have the option to rollover the equity accumulated during the rental period towards the full purchase price.


  1. Affordable Financing: Equipment Purchase Plan (EPP) with In-House Financing

Cold Jet also offers Equipment Purchase Plans (EPP) with fixed interest rates for qualified buyers. These plans provide an affordable financing solution for businesses looking to spread the cost of their dry ice blasting equipment over a specific period. Cold Jet offers two EPP options: a 12- and 24-month plan, both with a competitive interest rate. These plans allow businesses to manage their cash flow effectively while enjoying the benefits of owning their equipment. With predictable monthly payments and a reasonable interest rate, EPPs make dry ice blasting equipment more financially attainable.



  1. Third-Party Financing or External Financier Options

For businesses requiring leasing options beyond 24-months, we direct customers to explore third-party financing or bring their own financier to the table. We understand that each organization's financing needs may vary. By leveraging third-party financing options, or working with their preferred financier, businesses can customize their leasing terms to align with their unique requirements and financial capabilities.



Cold Jet's financing options for dry ice blasting equipment cater to diverse needs and financial situations. Whether businesses choose to purchase outright, opt for the Performance Evaluation Program with equity rollover, select an Equipment Purchase Plan with a fixed interest rate, or explore third-party financing, Cold Jet ensures that the investment in their cutting-edge equipment is affordable and accessible. By providing flexible financing solutions, Cold Jet enables organizations to embrace the power of dry ice blasting, enhance their cleaning processes, and achieve significant cost savings in the long run.


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