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Exploring the Versatility of Dry Ice Blasting Applications from Delicate to Aggressive

Posted by Rachael Barnes on Aug 29, 2023 12:30:00 PM

Dry ice blasting, a cutting-edge cleaning method that uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets, has gained significant traction across various industries due to its eco-friendly nature and remarkable cleaning capabilities. This unique technique harnesses the power of accelerated dry ice particles to remove contaminants and residues without generating secondary waste. In this blog, we will delve into the versatility of dry ice blasting applications by highlighting 4 versatile dry ice blasting machines: i3 MicroClean® 2, PCS® 60, PLT® 60, and the E-CO2™ 150.

i3 MicroClean 2: Harnessing the Power of MicroParticle System

The i3 MicroClean 2 dry ice blasting machine is a testament to the continuous innovation in cleaning technology. This machine's standout feature is its microparticle system, which utilizes shaved dry ice block, pellets, or nuggets for delicate and precise cleaning tasks. You can safely clean delicate surfaces and complex cavities. The i3 MicroClean 2 is well-suited for applications where traditional cleaning methods might be too abrasive or could potentially damage sensitive surfaces.


Plastic Mold Cleaning & Parts Finishing: Dry ice blasting with the i3 MicroClean 2 helps plastic manufacturers reduce scrap and downtime, improve product quality, prolong the life of their equipment, and increase profitability. This dry ice blaster provides a non-abrasive method to safely clean molds online and at operating temperatures.



Medical Device Manufacturing: The medical device manufacturing industry has stringent regulations in order to ensure quality in consistency of parts. Dry ice blasting for safely and thoroughly cleans the complex cavities and vents of medical molds, as well as deburring medical equipment and removing flash from finished medical parts – enabling the consistent production of high-quality products.


Aero2 Series - PCS 60 & PLT 60: Giving the User Complete Control

The PCS 60 was designed to give the user complete control. Utilizing Cold Jet’s patented Particle Control™ system, dry ice is cut into diamond-shaped particles in the exact dimensions chosen by the operator (0.3mm to 3mm and every size in between), allowing the user to fine-tune blasting parameters for each unique application. The particle control system makes this machine versatile for a wide range of industrial cleaning tasks, making this machine one of our top sellers! The machine's adjustable settings allow operators to fine-tune the blasting intensity to suit various surfaces and contaminants.

The PLT 60 was designed for applications that require more aggression. With the PLT 60, you can blast with up to 250 PSI (17.2 bar) of pressure using proprietary nozzles that are optimized for high performance.


Automotive Restoration: Automotive restoration requires smart tools that give the operator complete control and the versatility to clean the full spectrum of parts found on automobiles. By utilizing Cold Jet’s proprietary Particle Control System™ in the PCS 60, the cleaning aggression can be fine-tuned to effectively clean any part of the vehicle, eliminating the risk of damaging any sensitive parts.



Food and Beverage Industry: Cleaning in food processing plants requires adherence to strict hygiene standards. Food processing and packaging equipment accumulate grease, carbonized residue, seasonings, proteins, harmful bacteria, biofilms, adhesives, labels, and many other contaminants that traditionally take significant time to clean. The PLT 60 can effectively remove built-up grime, grease, and residues from equipment without the need for disassembly.


E-CO2 150: Adding Abrasive Power

The E-CO2 150 dry ice blasting machine takes dry ice cleaning to the next level by incorporating abrasive capabilities. This machine combines the power of dry ice blasting with an added abrasive agent, enhancing its ability to tackle tough contaminants and coatings that regular dry ice blasting might struggle to remove. Traditional methods for corrosion and industrial coating removal lead to a considerable amount of respirable dust and secondary waste and often leave residue or moisture on the surface being cleaned.


Corrosion/Coating Removal: Before painting or coating surfaces, it's essential to ensure proper adhesion. The E-CO2 150 excels in surface preparation, effectively stripping away old paint, coatings, and debris to create a clean canvas for new finishes.


Rust Removal: The E-CO2 150 has been 3rd party verified to reduce dust levels by up to 97%; thereby, making it safer for the operator, surrounding workforce and adjacent environment. The solution does not require rust inhibitors or cause flash rusting so the surface will be left dry and residue-free, which enables a new coating to be applied more quickly.


Dry ice blasting has evolved into a versatile cleaning method that serves many industries and applications. The i3 MicroClean 2, PCS 60, PLT 60, and the E-CO2 150 dry ice blasting machines exemplify the adaptability and efficacy of this technology. From delicate electronics to heavy machinery, dry ice blasting continues to revolutionize the way we clean, restore, and maintain various surfaces while minimizing environmental impact. As technology advances further, we can only anticipate even more innovative applications and machines that will continue to shape the future of cleaning and maintenance. Click here to see Cold Jet’s full line of dry ice blasting machines.


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