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Dry Ice Blasting and Industry 4.0

Posted by Chase Jeffries on Nov 4, 2021 8:30:00 AM

Smart technology is shifting the way many industries orchestrate their processes, and Cold Jet is no exception! Let's dive into how advances in connected technology are changing our approach to dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting for industry 4.0

The industry 4.0 technological revolution is changing the way businesses, products, and customers operate. At Cold Jet, our mission is to help you improve your processes, productivity, and bottom line – and we’re putting the power of the industry 4.0 in your hands to do it!

But first… What is Industry 4.0?

To put it simply, Industry 4.0 is the latest step in smart technology, known commonly as the Internet of Things (IoT). Data, information, and insights are today’s currency and the keys to your success. Connecting smart devices together allows you to make data-driven decisions and find powerful insights across devices – and across your operation – and in turn allows you to improve your business processes through decisions formed by those insights.

IoT for Dry Ice Blasting

Cold Jet has introduced Industry 4.0 capabilities to our portfolio of dry ice technologies, providing you with a clear view of the data you need to make decisions that will accelerate your ROI and increase the efficiency of your operation. Typically, we’ve found that increased uptime and efficiency are significant factors for this.

The platform we’ve created to put the power of Industry 4.0 in your hands is called Cold Jet CONNECT.

How Smart Blasters Change the Game

With Cold Jet CONNECT, we’ve used Internet of Things technology to break new ground in several key ways:

  • Data-driven insights, such as machine uptime and dry ice usage
  • Machine documentation at your fingertips
  • Making world-class service even better

Industry 4.0 technology allows machine operators, management, and Cold Jet technical experts to access vital operational data, ensuring your machines are running at peak performance and providing you with crucial data needed to accelerate profitability and efficiency. Plus, we’ve made it easy to export machine data so you can import it into your team’s business intelligence software. Should you need to contact a Cold Jet technician, smart technology makes it easier and faster than ever to send operational data to a Cold Jet expert who will help to quickly identify and resolve any issues.


Wrapping It Up

Industry 4.0 technology is changing the faces of many business verticals, and at Cold Jet we are embracing this change to put the most powerful solutions available into your hands. Whether through data-driven insights, improved documentation, or integrated service solutions, the Internet of Things allows you to use our smart blasters to their fullest potential – to enhance your process with data-informed insights and maximize your productivity.

Cold Jet CONNECT - mobile & computer

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