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Ellen Heini

Ellen is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Cold Jet.

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What is the best way to clean a rubber mold?

Vernay needed a rubber mold cleaning solution that would enable them to clean in place and reduce their overall downtime.

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Dry ice blasting cleans casting molds and core boxes more effectively


The Progress Casting Group was looking for a more effective cleaning method for their low pressure casting molds.

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Dry ice blasting removes pitted corrosion for a more effective weld

The Little Creek Amphibious Base was having trouble removing pitted corrosion from the aluminum hulls of hovercrafts.

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Hydroelectric generators delicately cleaned with dry ice blasting


A Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) hydroelectric generator in California had been out of service for several years.

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Dry ice blasting improves printing quality while reducing downtime and scrap

A commercial printing facility was looking for a way to clean presses without extensive downtime.

Build-up of ink and grease on printing machinery can cause misalignment and machine malfunction, [...]

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10 Reasons to Use Dry Ice Blasting

1. Superior clean

Dry ice blasting is a more effective and efficient cleaning process in many applications. By cleaning equipment and machinery in less time, facilities are able to get more [...]

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